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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Drug Addicted Cop...

Safe Call Now's Sean Riley

A dear friend of mine always says and he’s right, “We treat our cars better than we treat our first responders in addiction who are going to die”.   When the red light comes on in our vehicles we immediately take the vehicle into the mechanic and have it assessed, evaluated and fixed.  When we’re dealing with the alcoholic or addicted first responder, the red lights come on and as a profession we will enable them to protect our partners (blind loyalty), try to fix the problems ourselves (which only a professional can do) or cast them aside and throw them away as if it is someone else’s problem (the easy way out).  The diseases of addiction and mental health when combined are two of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, yet they are the only two diseases that we allow the first responder who’s brain is incapable of making logical decisions dictate the terms of treatment.  Maybe for fear of not offending them, ending their career, who knows there are many other reasons usually associated with “The Thin Blue, Red, Green Line”.  Ultimately I have determined that the main cause is that “It’s always been done this way in the past”.   

This is why Safe Call Now® exists, an organization that is willing to change the culture and thinking of an entire profession that experiences these diseases at twice the rate of the general population according to some studies and some say even higher.  Who knows?  I just know first responders are dying from it.

I want to educate you about the alcoholic and addict mind and what the first responder may be thinking and doing when they are in this situation.  I am familiar with this because I was “That guy”.  The guy who would lie to your face, smile, tell you everything is alright, convince you that everyone else is crazy, function within the work environment, control the situations, create drama within others to direct the attention away from me and convince you that I was right.  Fortunately or unfortunately I do not think like you.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The United Socialist Republic of Seattle???

Safe Call Now

Ahhhh, did I catch your attention???  It’s not what you think!!!  I’ve been very blessed to have traveled this great country and Keynote in 43 states.  I also travel with speakers from Seattle and each of us run into the same thing at conferences from the participants.  When I mention that I’m from the greater Seattle area (I’ve since moved), people always say, “So you’re from that socialist city and state.”  At first I was caught off guard by these kind of comments but the more I presented the more often I heard the same thing over and over as did my counterparts from Seattle.

I started asking around and inquiring why people thought this way.  Many informed us that they felt that Seattle had an over the top liberal, elitist attitude catering to special interest groups and attempted to demonstrate that they were “better” than anyone else in the country.  The more I traveled I started to realize there may be something to this in regards to mental health and substance abuse treatment.  I deal with these issues for first responders on a nationwide level.  Seattle and the State of Washington is a very progressive city and state.

One area that disappoints me and I am going to challenge the cities, counties, State Legislature and the Governor to step up their game in regards to mental health and substance abuse treatment not only for first responders but for the entire general population.  I was shocked to see the services and treatment offered in other states and how far superior they are to those in the State of Washington.  As an organization we are blessed to be working with the finest facilities and individuals in the country and did so because we opened our eyes and went out and searched to see what was out there.
States that most people think are regressive far exceed any treatment platform that currently is in place in Washington State.  I have to ask myself why this is even possible due to the fact that this state believes in helping those that are afflicted in the disease model.  I have to guess maybe it’s because they haven’t seen what we have seen in person to understand that the care out there is what everyone in this state as well as other states deserves.

So here’s my call to action!!!  Seattle, the State of Washington, open your eyes, seek, understand and not rest on our laurels when it comes to getting help.  Reach out and see what other states have to offer and most of all let’s remove the stigma attached to what the State of Washington has to offer and go out and save lives like no other!!!