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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Does Safe Call Now® work??? You be the Judge!!!

I know what Safe Call Now® does but I wanted to share with you what others think that have relied upon us for help.  Treatment works, lives are changed and families are put back together.  We are honored at Safe Call Now® to serve others.

I am a firm believer in the Safe Call Now® program. When I was first appointed as Chief of Police, I encountered what I believe to be a Chief’s or administrator’s worst nightmare. I received a call from another local Chief who stated that one of my officers was threatening to kill himself. There were several text messages from the officer. We were able to isolate my officer but then the real nightmare began. He was able to basically convince my entire command staff that he was fine and that we really needed to let him go home.  I had to literally order one of my Majors to “Baker Act” the officer who by the way is a very close friend of mine. Yes, that made the situation even worse. He became very aggressive towards me and basically told me he hated my guts and I was ruining his career, not in those exact words.  My friend and my officer was going to die!!! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

#1stresponders and the Disease of Addiction

A dear friend of mine always says and he’s right, “We treat our cars better than we treat our first responders in addiction who are going to die”.   When the red light comes on in our vehicles we immediately take the vehicle into the mechanic and have it assessed, evaluated and fixed.  When we’re dealing with the alcoholic or addicted first responder, the red lights come on and as a profession we will enable them to protect our partners (blind loyalty), try to fix the problems ourselves (which only a professional can do) or cast them aside and throw them away as if it is someone else’s problem (the easy way out).  The diseases of addiction and mental health when combined are two of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, yet they are the only two diseases that we allow the first responder who’s brain is incapable of making logical decisions to dictate the terms of treatment.  Maybe for fear of not offending them, ending their career, who knows there are many other reasons usually associated with “The Thin Blue, Red, Green Line”.  Ultimately I have determined that the main cause is that “It’s always been done this way in the past”.  This is why Safe Call Now® exists, an organization that is willing to change the culture and thinking of an entire profession that experiences these diseases at twice the rate of the general population according to some studies and some say even higher.  Who knows?  I just know first responders are dying from it.

I want to speak with all of you today about the alcoholic and addict mind and what the first responder may be thinking and doing when they are in this situation.  I am familiar with this because I was “That guy”.  The guy who would lie to your face, smile, tell you everything is alright, convince you that everyone else is crazy, function within the work environment, control the situations to direct the attention away from me and convince you that I was right.  Fortunately or unfortunately I do not think like you. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Administrators, You're Killing Me... Literally!!!

There is one common theme that is presented to me by first responders over and over as I travel around the country for Safe Call Now®    I can handle everything on the streets but my “Administration” is killing me… literally.”  If you’re an administrator reading this, please take note, your own are reporting that you are taking their lives.  Did you know by the year 2020 one of the top workplace disabilities will be anxiety and depression???  Where is this coming from, the studies indicate it is from you…  The number one concern from the “boots” on the ground is that words do not match actions which leads to a double standard.  This is an unhealthy balance in boundaries and ego states, I’ll go into this later.

In an informal survey first responders reported to me that the phrases they most commonly hear from administrators that frustrates them such as, “breadth and depth, threshold, projections for the future, committed towards growth and advancement, committed to ensuring, internal and external initiatives, as we traverse into the future, and the administration engages in periodic discussion, along with many others… “  This circular talk demonstrates to them that the administrator can’t or won’t answer the question or has no idea what they’re talking about.  For the “boots”, everything you said before these terms is now hollow and the rest after these terms means nothing and they stopped listening.  I once heard about a chief that was let go over the term breadth and depth that was used over and over.  As William Shakespeare presents in Macbeth… “A tale told by an idiot… full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

Saturday, March 28, 2015

On the road... It's not what you think...

Although traveling may look glamorous and exciting, it really comes down to airports, hotels, time zone changes, sleep wherever you can, don't unpack, eating dinner in a grocery store parking lot, collecting all your receipts, taxi rides, a lot of waiting and patience for that one moment to connect with others, save lives and then hit the road again.  Today I just wanted to share with you what one week looks like at Safe Call Now® in pictures as this past week four first responders lives were saved and many more reached out for help.  Great week, I'm tired but hit it again on Tuesday.  It's so worth it. Stay safe out there!!! 

With the "salt of the earth" my dear friend Ron Jones

Hanging in Daytona Beach

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today... Cops make a difference in my life!!!

I had the opportunity to sit down and have a long talk with my dear friend Cade Saurage from La Hacienda Treatment Center who at one point in his life and through his addiction was on the other side of the law, now he helps Safe Call Now® save the lives of first responders and is very blessed to do so.

So I pull onto the highway and head down the road, see him sitting in his patrol car as I fly by going 76 in a 70 and then watch as he slowly turns his car around to get behind me. I sit up straight like I did in grade school when my teacher spotted me passing a note. The muscles in my stomach tighten as my ‘anti-cop’ conscious starts firing out the facts…….

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#1stresponders... How many Sundays do you have Left???

As I crisscross the country over the next three weeks I had to ask myself, "How many Sundays do I have left"?  Why do I ask you this?  Because what I wanted to talk about today is the demands on all of our time when dealing with the daily grind.  As we head into the depths of 2015 the demands on our time with family, employment, completing all of those tasks that we put off and the personal goals we promised ourselves we would accomplish will only increase.  Last night I had the opportunity to watch a one man Broadway play entitled “700 Sundays” by Billy Crystal.  In it he speaks about his life and how he only got to spend 700 Sundays with his father who died when he was age fifteen. He spoke about his joys, his pains, his heartbreaks, his regrets and his happiness.  What got me thinking is when he spoke about the “cards” we are all dealt with in life. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Only Takes One Person to Start a Journey...

As I travel around the country for Safe Call Now® I get the opportunity to meet many first responders and every now and then you meet someone special.  Officer Chris White from Henderson, Nevada PD and the Henderson Police Officers Association is one of them.  When a first responder is in crisis and needs help, I want quality individuals dedicated to the betterment of others.  People who are selfless and willing to do the hard work to save lives.  It only takes one person to start the journey, and Chris is that kind of man.  We are honored to have him serve with Safe Call Now®.

Monday, March 23, 2015

When You Play with the Devil... You can't always be an Angel...

Over the last six years I've had the honor to have an open invitation to speak at The International Association of Undercover Officers conferences nationwide.  Charlie Fuller (my "Bo") has been a mentor to me and adviser on how to help the undercover officers when life goes bad for them and they require treatment.  Imagine a job where you get paid to drink, lie, drive cool cars and basically do whatever you want?  Not a bad gig... until you come home to the real world and deal with life.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Ye of Little Faith"... Have I got the Man for You!

My dear friend... Rob Michaels, Founder of Serve & Protect.  An organization who is a partnered with Safe Call Now® and together we have been blessed with the opportunity to save the lives of many first responders and their family members.  Rob runs the chaplain's portion of our program and let me tell you, in the darkest of times for those that have called us, this brother has been there and came through.  I wanted to take this day (Sunday ironically) to introduce you to this man of great faith who selflessly serves others.  Rob, it is an honor to call you my friend and partner.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

#1stresponders & The Psych's... Now Who's Crazy???

First responders and the psychiatrists/psych’s and the old fitness for duty…  To me, these words are not friendly partners.  Being open and from my life’s experience, remember I am biased here… I’ve never been a fan of someone trying to get inside of my head and figure me out.  In fact I found it a challenge to see if I could get one over on the psych.  Which unfortunately for me I did many times to make it back to the streets but in the end it almost killed me.

Knowing how first responders feel about the psychological profession, their outward appearance of not understanding us, Safe Call Now® felt the need to find the best clinicians out there to help change your life without fear of losing your career.  Dr. Laura Brodie is my dear friend and I trust her because she “gets it”.  I’ve personally witnessed her work with first responders and saw her give them their lives back.  I’ve also challenged her before on my “crap” and she outed me…  I was to say the least not happy with her, but she changed my life and for that I’m forever grateful.  These are the kind of professionals Safe Call Now® provides for first responders.  It’s my honor to introduce to you, Dr. Laura Brodie...

Friday, March 20, 2015

It Takes a Special Kind of Person to Save Lives...

Since the inception of Safe Call Now® I have found that it takes a special kind of person to help other first responders who are in crisis.  It takes more than knowledge, it takes more than compassion and it takes more than dedication.  It takes a true commitment, determination and most importantly patience and life experience which you can't study in any classroom.  I'm honored to introduce to you Safe Call Now® Advisory Board Member and my dear friend Kevin Murphy from the City of Henderson Police Employee Assistance Program (PEAP).  Kevin has been with Safe Call Now® since inception and responsible for saving the lives of first responders.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Taking Public Safety Training to Another Level - Safe Call Now®

Traditionally training for public safety employees is one of necessity that requires one to attend, listen, take a quick exam and turn into their agency a certificate of completion.  Rarely is it interactive, dynamic and life changing... until now.  Safe Call Now® and Steve Gutzler-Leadership Quest have partnered up to present to you Emotional Body Armor for First Responders.  By establishing public and private partnerships Safe Call Now® is able to bring cutting edge, life saving training to the public safety sector from world renown leaders such as Steve.  Steve brings his passion, drive and dedication to changing the lives of public safety employees and empowers them to exceed their life and career goals.  We are blessed to have him as part of the Safe Call Now® team.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Am Worthwhile... Safe Call Now® Testimonial

You could say my story with my mental illness began several years ago (maybe 15?), but I chose to ignore the signs and figured it was just me. I was bullied in high school and that had an impact on my self-esteem as I was growing up and even in my adult years. I was married for 20 years and for most of those years I was told what a bad person I was and that I was not a very good man. After hearing such things for that long, I started to believe them! I have had tragedies in my life like most people, and some that affected me for many years, like the death of my mother. I believed that I was not worthy of being happy and that I was meant to just be that way so I should live with it. I managed to struggle through life like that for most of my adult life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Years Ago Today... The Rise and Fall of a Cop

10 years ago today… the worst day of my life, as I reflect back it turned out to be my best.  Thank you to all who have been a part of my journey, it’s been one hell of a ride.

I was a highly decorated police officer for almost 20 years. I served in all the coveted assignments, gang officer, bicycle patrol, D.A.R.E. Officer, interview and interrogation specialist, homicide detective and my final assignment, “drug addict.” 

My journey began, as always, a hard charger and heavy drinker at choir practice with the boys.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Addressing Substance Abuse in the Public Safety Population

Safe Call Now® has published this special report "Addressing Substance Abuse in the Public Safety Population" nationwide.  In doing so, it has become the national model with treatment providers and agencies that explains the current negative situation and provides solutions through the PROtect Approach that is unmatched.  We are proud to be changing the mindset of an entire culture and removing the barriers and stigmas attached with asking for help so that all of our first responders out there may reach their life, family and career goals.

For the complete report, go to:  Safe Call Now® Special Report

Instructing in a "Y" Generation Classroom

Have you noticed anything different recently in the training classroom? Decades ago, newspapers, crossword puzzles, and stale coffee in Styrofoam cups littered the room. Scan the modern-day class and witness the change. Specialty caffeine shots in white cups with green lettering adorn each row of tables. Behind the piping-hot shot of life-sustaining nectar sits a student hopelessly addicted to more than just the java jolt. The Generation Y classroom reeks of an electronic dependency ultimately resulting in a distracting learning environment.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meet Safe Call Now® Peer Advocate Coordinator-Ronald Jones


Ronald Jones is the Peer Advocate Coordinator for Safe Call Now®. Ron has over 25 years' combined emergency medical services and law enforcement experience. Ron understands the unique culture of first responders and stressors of the job. Ron retired from the West Virginia State Police in 1999 resulting from a line of duty related illness. After the attacks on 9-11, Ron served in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He then joined the ranks of the newly established Department of Homeland Security as a founding member and ultimately awarded the Transportation 9-11 ribbon for having contributed to the recovery efforts after the terrorist attacks.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Safe Call Now® Training

Don't miss the upcoming Emotional Body Armor for First Responders Training on April 9th & 10th (two separate trainings) in Yakima, WA with Sean Riley and the world renown Steve Gutzler.  It will change your life, family and career.  

For more info go to:

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