Safe Call Now

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Politics... Are They Killing Our #1stresponders???

By Safe Call Now President & Founder Sean Riley

Wow…  Look at what’s going on.  I say this all of the time and I will continue to say this and those that work for us and work with us witness unfortunately everyday…  Politics, administrators and the government kill (literally) our first responders!!! Before I go further let me say that in order for my life to get better I had to look within and change myself before I could change anything else in this world!!! 

As I sit back and watch what’s happing to and within this great country it reminds me of my behavior when I was in addiction.  No mistaking it because I lived it, I demonstrated it and it almost killed me and others.  Makes one think doesn’t it?  Let me give you some examples.  The addict in active addiction will try and blame others, call others horrible names, make up things that are not true, throw tantrums, resort to bullying, minimizing their actions, demonstrate and protest just how wrong others are and they will go to great lengths just to prove it and many other bizarre roles which they would have never taken on except to avoid what’s really wrong…  Themselves.

As many of you have witnessed through the mainstream and social media there are many reports and posts that demonstrate the above mentioned behavior, I think we can all agree on that.  When is it alright that those that demand free and open speech and exercise it and when others do and it’s in opposition to their beliefs it is then suppressed, bullied, ridiculed and met with physical violence.  You know who does this, those in active addiction.  Is it fair for me to call everyone in America an addict, probably not, is it fair for me to say the behaviors I’ve seen (on both sides) are addict behavior???  You bet your a$$ it is.