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Saturday, March 21, 2015

#1stresponders & The Psych's... Now Who's Crazy???

First responders and the psychiatrists/psych’s and the old fitness for duty…  To me, these words are not friendly partners.  Being open and from my life’s experience, remember I am biased here… I’ve never been a fan of someone trying to get inside of my head and figure me out.  In fact I found it a challenge to see if I could get one over on the psych.  Which unfortunately for me I did many times to make it back to the streets but in the end it almost killed me.

Knowing how first responders feel about the psychological profession, their outward appearance of not understanding us, Safe Call Now® felt the need to find the best clinicians out there to help change your life without fear of losing your career.  Dr. Laura Brodie is my dear friend and I trust her because she “gets it”.  I’ve personally witnessed her work with first responders and saw her give them their lives back.  I’ve also challenged her before on my “crap” and she outed me…  I was to say the least not happy with her, but she changed my life and for that I’m forever grateful.  These are the kind of professionals Safe Call Now® provides for first responders.  It’s my honor to introduce to you, Dr. Laura Brodie...

Dr. Laura Brodie is a practicing Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in Tustin, CA, and a core faculty member in a forensic psychology doctoral program. She has worked with the Los Angeles Police Department's Employee Assistance Program, focusing on substance abuse issues in law enforcement as well as debriefing and preparing undercover officers for assignment.

She currently provides second opinions for candidates for law enforcement employment, provides forensic consultation and testimony regarding psychological issues in law enforcement and treats law enforcement individuals in a variety of psychological issues. Laura also teaches substance abuse assessment and treatment and police psychology to forensic doctoral students. Laura is also an Honorary Member of the International Association of Undercover.

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